Submission of RE 2022-2023 and BE 2023-2024 Grant No 21 and 41 Major Head 2071- Pension and other retirement benefits.       Compilation of Central Appropriation Accounts- Certificate on cartain Revenue and Debt Heads (2021-22)       Forwarding of Quarterly Progress Report regarding the Progressive use of Hindi for Quarter ending 03/2022       Strengthning of Grievance Redressal Mechanism in the Department       Absentee Report for drawal of Annual Increment falling due on 01.07.2022       Withdrawal of Health Care Organisation(HCO): CGHS Bengaluru.       Accounts Circular 15       Accounts Circular 14       Accounts Circular 13       Celebration of 8th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2022.       Accounts Circular 12       Accounts Circular 11       Accounts Circular 10       Form-16 for Financial Year 2021-2022 (AY 2022-2023)       Installation of Computer- Reg.       Upgradation of CPGRAMS 6.0 to 7.0       Recruitment of Canteen Attendant       Accounts Circular 09       Observing 'Cyber Jaagrookta(Awareness) Diwas'       Observing 'Cyber Jaagrookta(Awareness) Diwas' on 1st June 2022       Annual Audit Certificate 2021-22       Roll of SPARSH Defence Civilians- Nomination of Nodal Officers       Accounts Circular 08       Compilation of Central(Civil) Appropiation Accounts- Certificate on certain Revenue and Debt Heads (2021-22)       "Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence" for the year 2022       Tulip Implementation of HRMS in DAD-Reg.       Accounts Circular 07       Accounts Circular 06       Monitoring of expenditure under Defence Grants       Nomination of First Appellate Authority       Accounts Circular 05       Monitoring of expenditure under Defence Grants       Posting of Volunteers to Bhutan (Panel 2022): AAOs       Conducting of SAS Part-II Examination to be held on June 2022       Distribution of Work: IDAS Officers       Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee       BE 2022-23 Allotment under MH 2052-DAD-2       BE 2022-23 Allotment under mH 2052-DAD-1       Convening of review DPC for Promotion of Auditor to the grade of Sr. Auditor       Double Booking and Missed out Punching Mediums in Sectional Compilations during the months of 03/2022       Specimen Signature-Reg.       Providing Payment details of GeM Bill passed for payment       Application for sanction of leave       Implementation of E-Office in PAOs       Specimen Signatures of countersigning officers- TA/DA/LTC       Specimen Signature Regarding       Forwarding of MLS(Monthly Leave Statement) on due date       Accounts Circular 02       Accounts Circular 01       Accounts Circular 50       Exercising of options by the members of DAD(SAS) Officers Association for Association membership       Accounts Circular 49       Accounts Circular 48       Permission/Intimation for Outside Employment       Monitoring of expenditure under Defence Grants       Clearance of outstanding amount laying under Code Head 016/04 and 016/05 upto the month of March 2022       Monitoring expenditure under- Defence Grants       Accounts Circular 47       Accounts Circular 46       Accounts Circular 44       Circulation of Correction Slip No 97/2022       E-Payment Report for FY. 2021-22-reg       Stop booking- IN revenue budget Major Head 2077 Minor Head 106.       Submission of final proof of IT savings for the FY 2021-22       Nationwide strike on 28th and 29th March 2022- Normal functioning of DAD Offices-reg.       Exercising of option by staff for Association membership under CCS(RSA) Rules 1993 and recovery of subscription for year 2022-23       Outstanding Balance under Code Head 020/99       Holding Examination for promotion of Educationally Qualified MTS and Clerk to the grade of AUDITOR       SPARROW: Details in respect of AAOs       Observation on Compiled Actuals- reg       [Most Urgent]Accounts Circular 41       Monitoring of Progress of Expenditure upto Feb 2022       Monitoring of Progress of Expenditure upto Feb 2022(2)       Transfer Estt : SAOs/AOs/AAOs/Auditors       Non-Booking of GST codeheads prefixing to Service Heads on (+) Charge       Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme(MACP) for Central Govt Employees: DAD Staff       Submission of material for the compilation of Union Government Finance Accounts for the Year 2021-2022-IGAS-1,IGAS-2,IGAS-3       Allotment of Category Prefix Code 44 for compilation of expenditure on account of procurement through GeM       Annual Closing of Accounts for the Year 2021-2022       RE 2020-2021: Utilization of Funds under Head "Office Expenses"       Forwarding of GPF Schedules for the data compiled in the Month of March 2022       Cut-Off Date for Acceptance of Claims for the Financial Year 2021-2022       Submission of TA/DA/LTC and Medical Bills in the Month of March, 2022 for the FY 2021-22       Implementation of E-Office in PAOs under PCDA Bangalore       Cash Management System in Central Government- Modified Exchequer Control Based Expenditure Management for the remaining part of the Financial Year (2021-2022)       Deadline for submission of GPF Advance/Final Withdrawl for the FY 2021-22       Resumption of Biometric Attendance       Requirement of Xerox Paper for the Year 2022-reg.       Postponement of Canteen Attendant Recruitment Examination       Visit of Hqrs. CGDA Team to PCDA Bengaluru Office        Monitoring of progress of expenditure upto Jan 2022 for FY 2021-22       Change in GPF Subscription and Deduction of Income Tax for the FY 2022-23       Amendment to Classification Hand Book Defence Services Receipt and Charges 2019(edition): Inclusion of new Minor Head 190 under Demand NO.20- Major Head 4076(Capital Outlay Sub Major Head 04)-reg       Amendment to Classification Hand Book Defence Services Receipt and Charges 2019(edition)       Monitoring of Progress of Expenditure upto Jan2022 for FY 2021-22       Regarding Implementation of NOC-SOC       DPC for promotion of Assistant Accounts Officer(AAO) to the grade of Accounts Officer(AO)       Observance of Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav       Implementation of Sparsh for Defence Civilians       Submission of Bills/Claims for FY 2021-22       Clarification of code head for conservancy services       RE 2021-22: Allotment under MH 2052-DAD       RE 2021-22: Allotment of funds under Head "Office expenses"       Shortcomings of documents in r/o Ration bills-regarding       Section Order- Promotion of auditors to grade of senior auditor       Cyber Security Threat- Spear Phishing Regarding       Implementation of eOffice       Monitoring of Progress of Expenditure upto Dec2021 for FY 2021-22       Opening of category prefix code in RDR Pamphlet for implementation of GST       Defence Service Estimates: Monitoring of Expenditure for FY :2021-22       Air Travel on Official Accounts-Stoppage of credit facility by Air India       Timely submission of paid bills in r/o Stores for booking of expenditure       Details of Revenue Receipts under Major Head 0078 relating to Air Force for the year 2017-18       Preventive measures to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Suspension of biometric attendance and Attendance of Central Government Officials       Double Bookings and Missed out Punching Mediums in Sectional Compilations during the months of 11/2021 and 12/2021       Convening of DPC for vacancy year 2022 regarding Promotion of DEO'B'to DEO'C'       Monitoring of progress of Expenditure upto Dec2021 for FY 2021-22       Submission of Monthly Certificate on Review of Sectional Compilation and Last Voucher Certificate-REG       Leave/Absentee Report on the Date of Increment i.e. 1st January 2022       Grant of Computer Advance 2021-22       Promotion of Auditors to the Grade of Senior Auditor       Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980: Annual Report for the Year 2022       Deputation for the post of Sr. Finance Officer Grade-II to ADA       Volunteers among SAs/Auds/Clerks/MTS for Posting to PAO (ORs) PCTC, Banaswadi       Annual Immovable Property Return (IPR) for the year ending 2021       Monitoring of Defence Pension Budget Leave Encashment       Monitoring of Progress of Expenditure upto Nov 2021 for FY 2021-22       CGDA's Visit to PCDA Bangalore       SPARSH Circular No.1 to 8       Submission of proof for IT savings for the FY 2021-2022       CGDA's Visit to PCDA Bangalore       Resuming of Biometric Attendance       Central Govt. Employees retired during the period from January 2020 to June 2021       Uploading of Application and Pension forms       Accounts Circular No 21       Accounts Circular No 22       Accounts Circular No 23       Accounts Circular No 24       Accounts Circular No 25       Accounts Circular No 26       Volunteers among sAs/Auds/clerks       "Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav"-Reading of Preamble on 26th November 2021       Departmental Examination for Promotion of educationally qualified MTS to Clerk Grade       Submission of proof for IT savings for the FY 2021-2022       Monitoring of Progress of Expenditure upto Oct 2021 for FY 2021-22       Transfer Estt: DAD: Volunteers for Northern Region: AAOs       Uploading of IT Hardware Report format on E-Suchna for Annual IT Procurement Plan       Circulation of Correction Slip No.90/2021       Circulation of Correction Slip No.88/2021       Updation of Mobile Number for GPF Subscriber(DAD)       Tulip-NCS Integration       Draft Seniority Roster of MTS       Accounts Circular No.20       [Urgent]Non receipt of mobile numbers in respect of GPF Subscribers       Specimen signatures of countersigning officers - TA/DA/LTC       Non receipt of mobile numbers in respect of GPF Subscribers       Extracurricular activities for employees' Song Contest       Ease of partial withdrawal       Revised Estimates 2021-22 and Budget Estimates 2022-23       TULIP - NCS lntegration: Progress       Creation of Code Head for expenditure        Cash management System       Circulation of Correction Slp No.89       Special campaign from 02.10.2021 to 31.10.2021 -regarding        Recovery of incometax        Celebration of DAD DAY-1st OCTOBER 2021        Observance of vigilance Awareness week -2021        Observance of vigilance Awareness week -26/10/2021-01/11/2021        Celebration of DAD DAY-1st OCTOBER 2021        Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACP Scheme)        [Top Priority]Central Govt. Employees retired        Departmental Examination For promotion        Volunteers for Care Taker        Observance of 1st October as Annual Day        lmplementation of NOC-SOC        Participation of DASCB team in 1st Hockey India Senior Women        Cash management System        Stepping up of Pay in r/o SAO        Monitoring of Progress of Expenditure upto Aug 2021        Fun activity for employees for September 2021        Use of lnternet in Offices under PCDA Bangalore        NPS operational training for local sub offices        Filling up of post of Assistant (Excluded)        Volunteers for Northern Region        Marking leave in TULIP        Uploading of lT Hardware report formate        Short Term Target        Audit of Sanction of Expenditure        Preparation and submission of RE for 2021-22 and BE for 2022-23        lnformation regarding Govt. Contribution towards NPS        Allocation of Expenditure on Joint Cipher 2020-21        Submission of RE 2021-2022 and BE 2022-2023        Promotion of AAO to Accounts Officer        Use of Gmail / Yahoo Accounts by Government Officials        Change in the date of Holiday on the occasion of Muharram        [Urgent]Reminder on Non receipt of Details for SPARROW        [Urgent]Submission of Monthly Certificate        Rendering of the National Anthem        Contribute your rendering of National Anthem of India        Observance of Azadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav        Training programme on Revenue works on 11/08/ 2021        Disposal of all types of DAK in Tulip        Request for Fresh Bank Mandate for Merged Banks        Unauthorised communication / revelation of classified information        Quotation for sale of waste/old office documents/records        Submission of NEFT Bank Mandate / IFSC No        Volunteers for Port Blair          Promotion of Auditor to the grade of Sr. Auditor       Promotion of Clerks to the grade of Auditor       Promotion of MTS to the grade of Clerk       Accounts Circular No:13 -Opening of New Code Head       [Urgent]Implementation of E-office       [Urgent]Furnishing of GST and Expenditure report for the year 2020-21        Transfer Establishment DAD- Annual Volunteers (2021-22 ) - SAOs/AOs        Accounts Circular No 10- Circulation of Correction Slp No.87/2021        Intimation of E-Mail IDs         Online changing of personal details in NSDL         Opening of Category Prefix Code in CHB for implementation of GST         Departmental Examination for promotion of clerk Grade         Forwarding of GPF Fund Schedule from GE offices         Change of Bank Account Number and IFSC code         Rendition of Schedule lll Report         Curtailing avoidable expenditure 20% reduction in controllable expenditure         Annual volunteer transfer for the year 2021-22         Implementation of National Pension System         E-Payment Report         lmplementation of National Pension System         Report of Dues payable for Goods and Services through G-eM         Recruitment of Canteen Attendant at P C D A Bangalore        Absentee report for drawal of Annual Increment        Implementation of National Pension System Rules 2021        Procurment of Goods/Services through G-eM in controllable expenditure         Curtailing avoidable expenditure 20% reduction in controllable expenditure         Preventive Measures to contain spread of (covid-19) Attendance         Allotment of Shop No 1 and 3 at DAD Residential Complex         Booking of expenditure under MH 105 transportation for 2020-21         International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2021         Workshop on Financial Management & Emerging Technologies by RTC B,lore         Treatment / Regularization of Hospitalization / Quarantine period during COVID 19          Date of next increment under Rule l0 of Central Civil Services          Preventive Measures to contain spread of Novel Corona virus          Support to the Families of Deceased Employees of DAD          Annual Audit Certificate 2O2O-21          Selection of SAOs/AOs/AAOS to serve as faculty in RTC Meerut          Preventive Measure to contain spread COVID-19          Compilation of Central Appropriation Accounts          Preventive Measure to contain spread COVID-19 (Attendance)          Inclusion of new fields in e-MPR          Cyber Network/Hardware Security measures          Reduction of wasteful expenditure          Workshop on Health, Nutrition & Immunity Boosting          Accounts Circular No. 03          Subsidies paid by Govt. to various Companies, Corporations & Autonomous Bodies          Budget Provisions for DAD Works in BE 2O21-22          BE 2O21-22 Allotment under Office expenses MH 2O52-DAD          BE 2O21-22 Allotment under salary head MH 2O52-DAD          Preventive Measure to contain spread COVID-19          Monitoring of Criminal / Private case filed against officials of the Department          Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence for the year 2021          Introduction of SPARROW for completion of APARs          Submission of documents and claims with Dak ID          Imprest ( Permanent Advance)          Inclusion of new fields in e-MPR          Deadline for Submission of proof of IT Savings for the FY 2020-21          Submission of CEA / Hostel Subsidy claims          Sparrow Details in respect of AAOs          Advisory Receipt of spurious mails          Clearance of e-MRO in Tulip Audit / Tulip          Submission of No Demand Certificate          Exercising of option by the rnembers of the DAD(SAS) officers Association          Exercising of option by the staff for Association             

CDA  Bangalore was formed on 15th May 1982.The CDA (ORs), South, Madras work was exchanged with the work of Regional Controller hitherto dealt with in the Office of CDA. Bangalore during 1989.  15th  January 1995 keeping in tide with time  reorganization of all functional controllers as envisaged by a visionary CGDA was effected and  CDA, Bangalore became the Regional Controller for Karnataka and Goa sub area in addition to the work relating to PAOs and HAL offices.

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