Annual Audit Certificate Report for QE 09/17 IA
SAOs/AOs Monthly conference IA
Annexure A 2 and Annexure C AN-I
All India DAD Cricket Tournament (Men & Women) 2017 AN-II
All India DAD Cricket Tournament (Men & Women) 2017 - Other Controllers AN-II
Accounts Circular No. 103 Accounts
Income tax savings for the year 2017-18 AN Pay II
Minutes of the Monthly Conference IA
Stoppage of Payments in respect of Officers/Staff. Consequent on transfer to other Offices/Organizaion. AN I
Volunteers among SAs/Auds for the post of Cashier in Main Office AN I
Selection of faculty in RTCs,OTI & DPTI O & M
Post Audit Accounts for 2017-18 M SECN
AIDAD Cricket Tournament 2017 AN II
Celebration of DAD day on 1st October 2017 and Swatch Bharat Campaign on 2nd October 2017 AN-II
Paymens through Electronic Advice D SECN
Celebration of DAD day on 1st October 2017 and Swatch Bharat Campaign on 2nd October 2017 AN-II
Sanction of Computer advance for 2017-18 AN-II
Modified Assured career progression scheme (MAcp scheme) for Central Govt. Employees DAD Staff AN-III
Campaign on Swachta Hi Sewa (SHS) AN-II
Budgetary Projections for RE - 2017-18 & BE - 2018-19 for DAD Works/Services AN-III
Promotion/Antedation in the grade Sr Auditors AN III
AIDAD Table Tennis Tournament 2017 AN II
Annual Volunteer List AN I
Representation of Defence Civilains incorrect pay fixation PAY TECH
Hindi Fortnight 2017 HINDI CELL
Availability of Service Book for Personal Verification AN Pay II
Traveiling Allowance Rules - Implementation of the 7th CPC AN Pay II
Fixation of pay on promotion from the Date of Next Increment AN Pay II
Procedure for booking of air-tickets on LTC AN Pay II
Results of Re-valuation of answer books SAS Part-l Examn AN I
Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee AN I
Promotion/Antedation in the Grade of Sr. Auditors AN III
Opening of Tenders for purchase of stationery on 01/09/2017 at 2.30 pm AN II
AIDAD Cricket Tournament by PCDA Bangalore 2017 AN II
Procurement through GeM MISC
RE 2017-18 and BE 2018-19 Allotment MH 2052 AN II
Forwarding of Orders/Circulars on LTC AN PAY-II
Calling for Quotations for Stationery Items R SECN
Accounts Circular No. 102 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 100 Accounts
Formulation of Citizen's Charter O and M
Transfer Estt: DAD Annual Volunteers 2017-18 - SAOs/AOs AN I
Invitation of bids for conclusion of AMC for Blade server EDP CENTRE
Intructions on Booking of tickets from the Authorized Travel Agents AN PAY-II
9th All INDIA DAD Table Tennis Tournament AN - II
Intimation of absence to ANPAY-I AN PAY-I
AIDAD Cricket Tournament by PCDA Bangalore AN I
Grievance Redressal Camp for attending GPF complaints of Defence Civilians at Bangalore AN I
Distrbution of work among SAOs/AOs AN I
lssue of 25 years service verification certificate AN I
Accounts Circular No. 99 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 98 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 97 Accounts
Submission of RE-BE for Grant No.21 and 39 ACCOUNTS-II
Transfer DAD Estt: Group B & C employees upto the level of AAOs AN I
HQrs Circular regarding admissibility of Flexi-fares while availing LTC AN PAY II
Absentee Report on account of increment on 1 st July 2OI7 AN I
Allotment of Shop AN III
Submission of RE 2017-2018 and BE 2018-2019 ACCOUNTS-II
Quarterly Report QE for 06/2017 AN I
Raksha Mantri Awards for Excellence AN I
Creation of NIC mail id for office communication EDP
Rersource Generation for DASCB AN II
Centralised Pension Disbursement System PAY TECH
SAS Part II Examination Schedule AN III
Revaluation of Answer Books SAS Part I AN III
SAS Part I Exam. Result AN III
Online RTI Applications AN I
promotion of Auditor to Sr.Auditor AN III
Quarterty Establishment Report AN I
DAD WAN facility to All AO GE Offices EDP
Promotion of Clerk to Auditor AN I
Payment through Cards and Digital means Accounts
Information regarding NE Defence employees PAY TECH
Accounts Circular No. 96 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 95 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 94 Accounts
Invitation of bids for purchase of Computer Consumables EDP
Antedation of Promotion in Sr.Auditors grade-Reg AN III
Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules,1988 AN PAY II
Accounts Circular No. 93 Accounts
Annual Audit Certificate IA
Proposed to dispense with the despatch of chequeslips by post D SECN
Monthly Certificate on Review of Sectional Compilation PAY TECH
Annual Report on Pay & Allowance PAY TECH
SAOs/AOs Monthly conference IA
Forwarding of Post Audit Accounts 2016-17 M SECN
Distrbution of work among IDAS Officers AN I
Draft Correction Slip No 2/2017 D SECN
Volunteers to AO(DAD) HAL Kanpur AN I
Strengthening of the Grievance Redressal Mechanism AN I
Annual Statement of GPF Accounts Fund Cell
Capacity Building Exercises for Sr Auditors / Auditors GO PR
Subscription of Association membership for 2OI7_18 AN I
Roster for allotment of DAD Quarters AN III
Annual Closing of Accounts 2016-17 Accounts
Introduction of SPARROW (Online APARs) AN I
Decisions to be implemented by All AO GEs E SECN
Accounts Circular No. 92 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 90 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 89 Accounts
Quarterly Progress Report IA
GPF Subscription & Income Tax saving details AN PAY
Promotion of MTS to Clerk AN III
Capacity Building Exercises for Sr Auditors / Auditors GO PR
Allotment of funds under RE 2016-17 AN II
Minutes of the Monthly Conference IA
Allotment of 3 digit Section Code for Store Section Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 59 Accounts
Non receipt of APARs/MTPARs AN I
Volunteers to Bidar,Goa and Karwar AN I
Introduction of SPARROW AN I
Uploading of salary/pension files on SBI CMP portal D SECN
Issue of CCO-9 on l st April Fund Cell
Allotment of funds RE 2016-17 AN II
Posting of SAOs/AOs and SrAud/Aud/clerks to CGDA office AN I
DAD Works in Revised Estimate 2O16-17 IA
Monitoring of Defence Pension Budget Accounts
Monitoring of Defence Expenditure Accounts
Quarterly Establishment Report AN I
Aadhaar Act 2016 I A
Annual Report on CGEGIS PAY TECH
Issue of Brief Cases or Hand Bags AN II
Non payment of RAR & Final Bills E SECN
Declaration of Assets and Liabilities AN II
Introduction of SPARROW AN I
Minutes of the Monthly Conference IA
Monitoring of Defence Pension Budget Accounts
Accounts Circular No.87 Accounts
Instructions in respect of e-MPR E SECN
Instructions to All AO GEs E SECN
Accounts Circular No.86 Accounts
Furnishing of SC/ST/OBC/PH AN I
e MPR Directives for disposal of Letter and Bills IA
Discrepancy in GPF Final settlement Fund Cell
Revaluation of Answer Books of SAS Part II AN III
Quarterly Progress Report of Hindi HINDI CELL
Recognition of D A D Officer's Association LEGAL CELL
Review of AROB 2015-16 Accounts
Monthly Certificate of Review of Sectional compilation Accounts
Monitorinq of Defence Pension Budget Leave Encashment Accounts
Annual Immovable Property Returns AN I
Prohibition on bringing any political or outside Influence AN I
Accounts Circular No.85 Accounts
Change of Holiday date for ld-E-Milad AN I
Promotion and Development of Sports/Games Basket Ball(Women) and Volley Ball(Women) AN II
CGDA Visit to PCDA Bangalore AN I
Accounts Circular No.84 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.83 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.82 Accounts
Submission date of MPR IA
Creation of NIC mail lD for Officers and Staff EDP
Promotion for Auditor to Sr.Auditors AN III
Promotion for Clerks to Auditor AN III
Timely remittance of NPS Contribution Fund Cell
RE 2016-17 & BE 2017-18 Cash Requirement Estimates ACCOUNTS
Release of part salary for Nov 2016 in advance in cash AN PAY
Deduction of Tax at source from salary PAY TECH
Annexures for Station / Organisation Seniors AN I
Formation of Women Cricket team (SR) for participation in 8th AIDAD Cricket Tournament AN II
Schedul for 8th AIDAD Cricket Tournament AN II
8th AIDAD Cricket Tournament (Men & Women) AN II
DAD Training and Development Week-2016 O & M
Fixation of pay and grant of increment AN PAY
Implementation of Seventh C P C AN PAY
Extension of benefits of Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity FUND CELL
GPF and Pension benefits to casual Labourers FUND CELL
AIDAD Cricket Tournament AN II
Minutes of the Official Language HINDI CELL
Vigillance Awareness Week AN I
Inter office Hindi Competitions HINDI CELL
Official Rate of Exchange Accounts
SAS Part–II Examination Schedule Dec 2016 AN III
Resut & Revaluation of SAS Part I Exam AN III
7th CPC for Retired Employees AN II
DAD day & Swachh Bharat CamPaign AN I
Declaration of Assets & Liabilities AN II
Accounts Circular No.81 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.80 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.79 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.78 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.77 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.76 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.75 Accounts
countrywide strike on 02/09/2016 by central Trade Union AN I
Volunteers for Inter Command Transfer AN I
Projections for RE 16-17 and BE I7-18 AN-III
Expenditure on Telephone usage charges AN I
DDO Login access to CRA System FUND CELL
Sadbhavana Diwas AN I
Nominal Roll Staff (AAOs-2016) AN I
Simplification of Pension Procedure AN-III
Accounts Circular No.74 Accounts
Accounts Circular No.73 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 72 Accounts
Using of Zimbra Mail Server EDP
Financial Literacy and NPS Awareness FUND CELL
Monthly Progress Report- New Format IA SECN
Indemnity for Recall of NEFT Remittance D SECN
Uploading of files on SBI CMP Portal D SECN
All India DAD Chess/Hockey Tournament AN II
Re-imbursement of Paybills, Medical Claims AN PAY I
Centralisation of DAD DDOs work wef from 01.04.2016 AN PAY I
Computer/scooter/ Motor cycle/Moped Advances 2016-17 AN II
Submission of RE 2016-2017 and BE 2017-2018 ACCOUNTS-II
Introduction of New Annual Volunteer Lists AN I
APAR for 2015-16 Completion regarding AN-II
Special benefits in Death & Disability in Service Pre-2006 AN-III
Delay in Finalization of Pension/Family Pension Claims AN-III
Indefinite strike from 11.7.2016 called by AIDAA (CB) PUNE AN I
Allotment of funds(DAD): 2016-17 AN II
Delay in submission of PRAN F CELL
Stoppage of last thee NPS contributions F CELL
Forwarding of Bills for 2016-17 M SECN
Disposal of Old Computers by Auction EDP
Uploading of Soft Copy to PCDA(o) Pune EDP
Mobile No.s for GPF Subscribers AN PAY
Examination for MTS to Clerk AN III
DAD works Budget Estimates 2016-17 AN III
Accounts Circular No. 71 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 70 Accounts
Result of Pragya Exam HINDI CELL
Result of Prabodh Exam HINDI CELL
Delay in Rent & allied charges E SECN
Promotion to Supervisor(A/Cs) AN III
Finalisation of Appropriation Accounts E SECN
Quarterly Progrcss Report IA
Revised Seniority list of AAOs AN III
Allotment of funds:RE 2014-15 AN II
Mobile No for GPF Subcribers Fund Cell
Accounts Circular No. 69 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 68 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 67 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 66 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 65 Accounts
Timely rendition of Reports AN I
Stationery Requirement 2016-17 R SECN
SAS Preliminary Examination AN III
Holiday on 19 th April 2016 AN III
Holiday on 14/04/2016 AN III
Vote on Account for the Fy 2016-17 AN II
DAD works RE( Final ) 2015-16 AN III
Promotion of Auditor to Sr. Auditor AN III
Promotion of MTS to Clerk AN III
Uploading of CMP files for FY 2015-16 D SECN
Indemnity Bond for School Bus Pass AN III
Roster for allotment of DAD Quarters & Hostel AN III
Strength of Defence Civitians PAY TECH
Monitoring of Defence expenditure Accounts
Functionality released in CRA system F CELL
Tax benefit available under N P S F CELL
Volunteers for Belgaum, Bidar,Goa & Karwar AN I
Annual Closing of Accounts 2015-16 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 64 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 63 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 62 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 61 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 60 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 58 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 56 Accounts
Level Playing Field for private sector HAL CELL
Medical Facilities to Industrial Employee PAY MED
Migration from ECS to NEFT D SECN
Volunteers for cashier post AN I
Submission of photo popies of LIC policies AN PAY
Badminton & Chess Tournament 2015-16 AN II
Expenditure Management AN II
Aadhar card registration AN I
Implementation of Cheque Truncation System Accounts
Distrbution of work among IDAS Officers AN I
Deputation To National Technical Research Organization AN I
Defence Pension Budget Leave Encashment PAY TECH
Medical details of SAOs/AOs AN I
Grant of Family Pension F CELL
Issue of CCO-9 to Subscribers on 1st April F CELL
Forwarding of GPF schedules F CELL
Volunteers for Belgaum, Bidar,Goa & Karwar AN I
Allotment of funds 2015-16 AN II
Amendment to CHB Defence Services Accounts
Review of Sectional Compilation Accounts
Charged Expenditure Accounts
Half yearly Report AN I
Cut-Off date for acceptance of Bills R SECN
Additional Requirement of Funds AN II
Examination for MTS to Clerk AN III
Revaluation of answer books SAS P II AN III
Promotion of MTS to Clerk AN III
Dharna Programme AN I
Level Playing Field for private sector HAL CELL
AAO Link Officers AN I
Particulars of SC/ST/OBC AN I
Uploading of Salary/Pension files D SECN
Annual Report on CGEGIS Pay-Tech
Declaration of Assets & Liabilities AN II
Disciplinary action against Absentees AN I
Particulars of SC/ST/OBC AN I
promotion of Auditors AN I
HAL Contract documents HAL CELL
N P S Updates for PAO performance F CELL
Accounts Circular No. 52 Accounts
Payment Narration in SBl CMP D SECN
Participation in Dharna AN I
Monthly Reprt on Excise Duty/CVD/SAD HAL CELL
Analysis of Booking of D S E Accounts
Official Language Implementation HINDI CELL
Issue of CCO9 on lst APRIL F CELL
Intimation of HPL & EOL to ANPAY ANPAY-I
lmplementation of cheque Truncation system D Secn
Additional Charge of IDAS Officer AN I
Review of Budgetary Control System Accounts
Finalisation of I-Tax ANPAY-II
Selection of SAO/AOs/AAOs as faculty in DPTI, Allahabad O&M
All India Debate Contest O&M
NIC email lD Creation for AAOs and above EDP
Guide lines on CPGRAMS AN I
Aadhar Card regn - Defence Civilian Pensioners Pay Tech
Date of Examination for promotions of MTS AN III
Examination for promotions of MTS AN III
Half yearly Volunteers AN I
Antedation of promotion AN III
Volunteer list forwarded to HQrs AN I
Monthly Report on E-Payments ACCTS
Introduction of Volunteer List AN I
AO GEs Non Concurrence of IFA E SECN
Magazine Raksha Vitta Darpan HINDI CELL
Competition for DAD Day AN II
observance of 1't oct as the Annual Day of the D A D AN II
Revised Estimates for 2015-16 AN II
Half Yearly volunteers SAOs/AOs AN I
Inter Command Transfers AN-I
Report on All India general Strike on 02/09/2015 AN I
Pre/Post audit of statement MISC
Regardinq Govt. Contribution Accounts
Revised Estimates 2015-16 Accounts
Audit Observations of Stores STORES
DAD Day 2015 AN II
Implementation of NPS Fund Cell
Metering of Electricity consumption for All AO GEs E SECN
Compilation of Central Appropriation Accounts
Internal complaints committee AN I
Audit abservations(Stores) STORES
Declaration of Assets & Liabilities AN II
Redistribution of work of SAOs/AOs AN I
SAS Part II Examinations AN III
NPS Low Subscribers Fund Cell
Representations from employees AN I
NPS Important issues Fund Cell
Delay in S&S imprest STORES
Half yearly rpt. stay of AAOs/SOs(A) AN I
BE 2015-16 Allotment AN II
Volunteers to CSD Canteen AN I
Monthly Expenditure Report on TA-DA for QE-06/2015 ANPAY-II
Volunteers for inter comand tranfer AN I
RE 2015-16 & BE 2016-17 Pay Tech
Computer Advance AN II
Timely rendition of GPF Schedules F CELL
Allocation of Expenditure for 2014-15 ACCOUNTS
Plastic Cards to CGHS AN II
Revaluation of Answer Books SAS Part-I AN III
Loss due to excess payment and short recovery of Elec. charges E SN
Crediting of unavailed portion of joining time AN I
Re-designation of Group 'D AN-I
Confirmation of Group 'C' AN-III
General audit observations STORES
Stores Audit observations STORES
Addendum to DFPDS 2015 STORES
Revision of Rent ad Allied charges E SN
Arert Memo for Inter command transfer AN-I
Procurement & Implementation of Adhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance AN-I
Implementation of Adhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance AN-I
SAS Part-I Examination Held in May 2015 AN-III
Status of DAD Quarters AN III
Delegation of Financial powers stores
Online NPS Mandatory processing Fund Cell
NPS Revision Forms Fund Cell
Daily booking of class IV by AO GEs from 01/06/2015 Accounts
Delegation of Financial Powers MISC
Submission of Statement of Accounts MISC
Observance of Anti Terrorism Day AN-I
Strengthening of Public Grievance Redressal Mechanism AN-I
Strengthening of the Grievance Redressol Mechonism AN-I
Reconciliation of Accounts fiqures with CTDS fiqures Accounts
Low Booking under Major Head 2076 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 43 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 40 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 39 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 38 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 37 Accounts
Settlement of observation on Statement MISC
Stores Audit Observations STORES
Allotment of Shops AN I
LTC Requisition T Secn
TADA Requisitions for TD T Secn
TADA Requisitions for Transfer T Secn
Accounts Circular No. 35 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 34 Accounts
Stop Booking in Capital Budget Accounts
Employment of family of Govt Servant in Foreign AN I
Stop Booking in Capital Budget Accounts
Status of DAD Quarters AN III
Declaration of Holiday on 14/04/2015 AN I
Accounts Circular No. 33 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 32 Accounts
Half Yearly volunteers for Group B & C AN I
Revised format for e-payments Accounts
Re-fixation of pay for AAOs AN PAY
Annual Statement of GPF(CCO-9) Fund Cell
P M Annual closing of Accounts 2014-15 EDP
Allotment of DAD Quarters & Hostel AN III
Allotment of funds:RE 2014-15 AN II
volunteers amongst Sr Auditors/Auditors & Clerks AN I
Adhaar Enabled Biometric Attendnce AN I
Certificate Regarding GPF Compilation Fund Cell
SAS Part–I Examination May 2015 AN III
Transfer Establishment SAOs/AOs AN I
Recoveries for Association Membership AN I
Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System AN I
Reconciliation of Accounts figures Accounts
Erroneous booking of Capital Expenditure Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 31 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 30 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 27 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 26 Accounts
Accounts Circular Accounts
Formats for LTC/EL Encashment AN PAY
Amendment to Rule 3 AN I
Online Data uploding to PCDA(O) Pune EDP
Issue Of CCO-9 By 1st April Fund Cell
Provisional Statement of Income Tax AN PAY
Sharing of DAD Accommodation AN III
Quarterly report on employment of family AN I
Transfer Establishment SAOs/AOs AN-I
Transfer Establishment AN-I
Defence Pension Budget Pay-Tech
Quarterly report on employment of family AN I
Change of Holiday for Makara Sankranti AN III
Annual Immovable Property Return AN I
Accounts Circular No. 25 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 24 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 23 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 22 Accounts
Accounts Circular No. 21 Accounts

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