List of Officers/Staff who were sanctioned Motorcycle/Scooter Advance
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   Admin Section Functions :


  1. General administration of the office and all its sub-offices.
  2. Establishment of the office and all its sub-offices. 
  3. Recruitment of Gp C & D staff 
  • Through SSC . 
  • Compassionate Appt. 
  • Employment Exchange.
  • Inter departmental transferees.
  1.  Postings & Transfers 
  •  Half yearly Inter Command.
  •  Compassionate on medical grounds.
  •  Station seniors Inter Command.
  •  Internal – due to administrative reasons.
  1.  Promotions – Officers of rank AO and above.
  2.  Maintenance of Service documents - Officers of rank AO and above.
  3.  Temporary Duty moves – IDAS officers. 
  4. Deputation. Resignation. Vigilance.
  5. Conduct & Discipline. Right to Information Act.
  6.  Immovable & Movable property permissions/returns.
  7.  Annual Confidential Reports – AAOs & above.
  8.  Application for outside employment.
  9.  NOC for higher studies/Passport/visiting abroad.
  10.  Conducting of ROC meeting. Dealing with Association related activities.
  11.  Dealing with grievances/complaints of Officers & Staff.
  12.  Diarisation and distribution of Secret, Confidential, Demi-Official letters and other communications received in the office.
  13.  Periodical Reports & returns.
  14.  Leave – Administration I, II, III, LC, OA, STENOs Officers & staff.


  1. Confidential Reports in respect of Gp ‘C’ and ‘D’ staff upto the level of Supervisory Accounts.
  2. Office Security and care of office building, furnitures, typewriters, duplicators, and other machines etc.,
  3. Permanent advance and office contingency and miscellaneous expenditures.
  4. Preparation of Budget Estimates in r/o locally controlled heads and connected work.
  5. Custody of disbursement & accounting of cash.
  6. Maintenance of Cash Book and other allied registers.
  7. Work relating to HBA advances, Conveyance advance, Fan advance, Computer advance etc.,
  8.  Delegation of financial powers to IDAS Officers.
  9.  Issue of CGHS cards and other works connected with CGHS.
  10.  Publishing of Part II.O.O. in r/o Temporary duties upto the level of SAO’s. 
  11.  All work regarding DASCB.


  1. Processing of proposals for transfer of land and construction of DAD Projects.
  2. Proper upkeep and maintenance of Office/Residential Accommodation through MES.
  3. Budget Management relating to DAD Projects Allotment of Residential and Hostel type Accommodation to DAD Officers and Staff and hiring of Shops and Community Hall.
  4. Preparation of Adjudication reports for Financial upgradations under ACP, confirmation and Promotions upto Gp ‘B’ level. 
  5. Grant of Special Pay and Special Allowances Processing of Pension Papers for grant of Pension and Family Pension respecting DAD Officers and Staff of the organisation.
  6. Counting of Former Civil/Military Service with DAD Conducting of Departmental Examinations in respect of Supr (Accts) Grade Exam, SAS Preliminary Test, SAS Part – I, SAS Part – II, Written Test for Educationally qualified Gp ‘D’ Staff and Typing Test for Record Clerks. 
  7. Audit and Payment of Office Contingency bills in respect of all DAD Offices under CDA Bangalore organisation.
  8. Adjustment of Military Receivable Orders relating to DAD Remittances. Care Taking of DAD Residential and Hostel Type Accommodation at Bangalore.
  9. Booking of Guest House and Holiday Homes for DAD Officers and Staff. Publication of Holidays list for DAD.

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