PCDA, Bangalore
PCDA, Bangalore


The history of D A D traces back to two hundred fifty years with the appointment of “Military Pay Master” under the East India Company way back in 1750. In 1776 he was known as “Commissar General” to regulate the Military accounts. He was a “General” in uniform under the then Military Department.

In 1864 he was styled as “Accountant General of Military Department” with four subordinates in the four Commands.

1888 the Department came to be known as ‘Military Accounts Department’. The department was having four Command Controllers viz., Western, Central, Southern and another in Patna . Two Field Controllers of Military Accounts were appointed one for “OTHER RANKS” and another for officers.

1906 Department of Military Accounts was brought under Finance Department and head of Department was redesignated as “Military Accountant General”.

1st October 1951 Military Accountant General emerged as “Controller General of Defence Accounts” and Controller of Military Accounts came to be renamed as “Controller of Defence Accounts”.


1930: Cantonment area of 13 ½ square miles was assigned by His Excellency the Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar to the British Empire .

A British Resident, Artilery, Cavalry and Regimental Centre of Queen Victoria”s own Sappers[MEG} was housed here. An Accounts Office of the Accountant General, Military Dept Madras known as “Military Commissariat” existed in the Cantontment area during the twentieth Century.

1950s an Accounts Office under the jurisdiction of CDA(AF) was functioning at HAL premises Bangalore . In the wake of rapid strides in HAL and R&D Ministry of Defence insisted on setting a Deputy Controller’s office thereby DCDA (HAL) was formed.

15th May 1982 CDA Bangalore was formed DCDA HAL merged with this office. CDA,Bangalore was entrusted with the Regional Controller’s work relating to Karnataka, A.P.,T.N,Kerala and Goa areas including LAOs, RAO and all AAO GE’s/BSOs offices therein. Accounts office of HAL at Bangalore , Nasik ,, Hyderabad , Kanpur , Lucknow and Koraput and providing support to R&D organizations at Bangalore , Cochin and Secunderabad was also brought within the purview of CDA Bangalore.

The work relating to R&D got bifurcated on all India basis during 1984/85, subsequently R&D work was transferred to newly created office of Jt.CDA, LRDE in 1989.

The history of C.D.A. (Other Ranks) begins with the move from Ambala Cantonment to Secunderabad and from there to Mysore and then to Madras . At Madras CDA (Other Ranks) was bifurcated as CDA North and South subsequently it was further spliced as Central and South. During sixties, there were three PAOs viz MEG & C , ASC CENTRE (S) AND EME located at Bangalore subsequently EME moved to Secunderabad. CDA Bangalore was formed on 15th May 1982. The CDA (ORs), South, Madras work was exchanged with the work of Regional Controller hitherto dealt with in the Office of CDA. Bangalore during 1989. 15th January 1995 keeping in tide with time reorganization of all functional controllers as envisaged by a visionary CGDA was effected and CDA, Bangalore became the Regional Controller for Karnataka and Goa sub area in addition to the work relating to PAOs and HAL offices.

On 18thNov 2009 this office has been upgraded to Principal Controller's Office & the office name was rechristened as Principal Controller of Defence Accounts, Bangalore


PAO (ORs) ASC South – PAO (ORs) ASC MT moved from Pune to Bangalore on 03.11.1986. PAO (ORs) ASC MT & Supplies merged as PAO (ORs)ASC South in 11/2002.

PAO (ORs) MEG & C – Raised in Madras on 30.9.1780 later shifted to Bangalore in 1865.

PAO (ORs) MLI, Belgaum – Raised on 31.12.1942 at Belgaum .

PAO (ORs) PARA Regt. - Established at Agra in 1963 and moved to Bangalore in 1992.

PAO (ORs) CMP – Established on 01.09.1947 at Faisabad and moved to Bangalore in 1975.

PAO (ORs) PCTC – Established on 24.06.1943 at Jhalna, Maharashtra and moved to Bangalore from Alwar in 1974.


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